Secret Sauce Revealed for Window Cleaning Companies in Spokane

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November 1, 2018
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April 5, 2019
Window Cleaning Companies in Spokane

Are you excited? I’m excited to reveal the secrets of Window Cleaning Companies in Spokane!

But I’m more excited about making old things new, letting the light shine into dark places, seeing things that were in darkness come into the light! How about you?

You are probably antsy to figure out the “secret sauce” that window cleaning companies in Spokane hide, and conceal in their soaps as if it’s something that if the world finds out they’ll go out of business! They safely guard and protect their “secret sauce” like it’s a brick of gold. Seriously! Some people… Holding back and keeping stuff like this won’t get people very far.

So what is the special stuff? Yep, dish soap. You see, there’s really no secret. Nothing in the dark won’t be disclosed in the light. You can try using dish soap like you do spray on wipe off window cleaner but it won’t work very well. The real secret is using a squeegee to remove the wet solution before it dries. Even more so to have the skill set to use the correct tools the right way, which took me hundreds of hours.

The important part is being super precise with the squeegee, making sure there aren’t any nicks in the rubber (its rare if you’ll be able to tell looking at the rubber) making sure the ends aren’t burned (which happens from overuse) you’ve also got to make sure the rubber isn’t too old or hasn’t been in the sun because it will deteriorate faster when in use.

If you’ve got pets it’s likely the pet hair will get caught in between the rubber and glass leaving streaks. If you’ve got high windows, then it’ll involve a pole, ladder, or dangerously be leaning out the window trying to reach just far enough. Besides this’ll be on a weekend right? On top of your already full schedule. There’s plenty of people that do try to clean their own windows, but when you don’t specialize in it, you’ve either gotta spend a very substantial amount of time learning the trade, to just clean your windows once or twice a year?

Or you hire a professional with the experience and knowledge to be able to point out and help you beyond the basic water herding. We’ve got the experience to spot broken seals (more about that in a different blog post), hard water staining removal etc. There’s a lot to learn and unless you personally plan on investing a couple hundred hours into buying the right tools, cleaning, checking, re-cleaning, checking, finding out how to get hard water stains out (you can always try vinegar…) it might not be worth it.

If you need help, we’re here for you! Just give us a call and, if we sound chipper that just who we are.


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