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May 24, 2018
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hard water stain removal Spokane Washington

Hard Water RemovalHard water removal can get tricky

There are 3 stages in hard water removal, the first stage stains will come out, the second stage of glass corrosion most of the stain will appear to look better but you’ll still have about 10%-30% of the stain left on the glass. When it comes to removing the 3rd stage of corrosion, the stain is so deep into the glass that it either has to be polished out or replaced.

I’ll be able to assess what stage your hard water stains are in once I am on site.

For light stain removal, it is$10/ per pane, and generally, there is a 40%-50% improvement. The first piece of glass is free to get an idea of what it will take to clean the remaining glass panes and to determine whether or not it will work in that specific situation.

For deep stain removal, it is $25/per pane and it includes a glass sealant to protect it from future staining. I normally see around a 70% success rate in significant visual improvements.

I always tell people, sometimes it will come out, and sometimes it won’t. I don’t want to get someone’s hopes up just in case the results are less than expected. However, the deep stain removal is an acid based treatment that peels microscopic layers of the glass off to get into the pores and remove the stain.

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Hard Water RemovalOur Game Plan for Hard Water Removal

Also before using the stain removal, I’ll need to make sure the glass doesn’t have any coating, i.e. aftermarket tinting, Low-E on an accessible surface, or self-cleaning glass (Titanium Dioxide.) Sometimes I’ll be able to see and feel if there is. If I’m unsure on something I’ll look for a stamp on the glass and call the manufacturer. If for some reason they don’t have the answers, I’ve got a network of glass restoration veterans I can ask.

I’ll also want to check the weather and sun location, I will avoid doing the deep stain removal in the sunlight or above 70 degrees (acid based treatment works faster in those cases).

We will also check our surroundings and make sure foliage or other surfaces are not damaged. We also wet the surrounding areas around where we are working with the stain remover to dilute the solution so it won’t carry any negative effects.

Every situation is unique so it is impossible to know everything, but just in case we come across something we haven’t tackled before I’ve got backup plans to make sure your investment into your view is well taken care of.


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